Pink Intimate System Intimate Rejuvenation

The pink intimate system is an innovative new treatment for brightening, tightening and smoothing intimate areas.

Pink Intimate System is for: Tightening and firming Brighter and more even skin tone on intimate areas        Minimises the appearance of blemishes  Improves skin texture and smoothing of rough areas Fast, comfortable and non-invasive treatments No downtime No pain or discomfort Visible results, often from the first treatment May help to reduce hair growth

Changes to skin firmness, pigmentation and texture are completely normal and occur naturally due to hormones, the ageing process and after pregnancy. It is now easy and fuss free to improve the skin in the intimate areas. The Pink Intimate System is a fast, easy, pain free and effective treatment for clarifying and tightening these delicate areas. Be Bright
Be Rejuvenated
Feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin  
This salon only professional treatment system was developed by a renowned Italian medical research centre, using topically applied bio-stimulating ingredients that induce a natural regeneration process of the skin. Treatments are non-invasive, safe and effective, with case studies showing long-term results.
The Pink Intimate System is clinically formulated with safe and effective high-performing active ingredients for brightening and lifting using a blend of kojic acid, papaya, bisabolol, retinol and liquorice extract. The treatment takes roughly 45 minutes.

This system is suitable for many areas of the body including Labia Majora Mons-venus  Perianal region Groin region Bikini line and inner thighs Underarms Elbows and knees Areola For best results, a series of 3 to 6 sessions are recommended, with maintenance every 3 months to keep the skin in optimal condition.

Pre-Treatment Preparation Shave or wax the area 1 week before the day of treatment. It is important to remove the hair as the Pink Intimate system has properties to slow down hair growth over time. Avoid any type of hair removal any closer than 1 week. Avoid laser, or IPL for 2 weeks prior to the treatment day. Prepare the skin by exfoliating the area 1 week before the treatment. Avoid exfoliation any closer than one week. Aftercare After the treatment avoids cleaning the area for a few hours to allow the product to completely absorb. Avoid exfoliating the skin for at least 1 week. Avoid any type of hair removal for one week.